Artist Statement

My primary focus in my artwork is to create a space to express my deep respect for indigenous communities, and share my thoughts about our Western Society. I paint portraits of indigenous people I met, to show the beauty I saw while living for long periods with these communities. I use colors, specific expressions and attitudes in my portraits to express my feelings and experiences with these people in ways that words cannot. 

I am incredibly inspired by the way the indigenous people live and interact. Within their communities I found a place full of equality, connection and harmony. While returning to Europe, I also realised that the key components for harmony are fading from our culture: Authenticity, Diversity and Connection. 

Currently we know so many facts about how our health and our natural environment are threatened by our modern lifestyle. Still very little is really changing. For this reason, I feel the necessity to move our society with art. Art can move people, by touching the soul. Something that can be much stronger, than touching the mind with facts.

Art is for me the way to move our world with the harmony, connection and diversity I saw while being among indigenous communities. To me portraying these people is the way to inspire our society with the world’s beauty we extremely need to recover our health, peace, resilience, and connection with one another to let our world flourish again.