Here you can find all information about planned, current and past exhibitions.

For exhibitions, talks and workshop requests or inquiries please send an email to info@nunesart.com

Workshop @ Event Working Healthy Together

10 October 2019.

On the evening of 10 October, Anna Nunes gave a talk, Recapture of Paradise, about human connection during the event De Lijn 1 Parade – Working Healthy Together- at the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk. During the talk/ lecture, Anna shared a deep insight from her journeys with the indigenous communities of the Boe region, a very remote and isolated area of Guinea-Bissau (West-Africa).

For more information, visit the website of De Lijn 1 Haaglanden: www.lijn1haaglanden.nl/event/de-lijn1-parade-gezond-samen-werken

Workshop @ Museumnacht Den Haag

5 Oktober 2019.

20.00 – 01.00 hour Anniversary edition of Museumnight The Hague.

During Museumnight portraits of Anna Nunes were exposed at one of the participating locations in the Hague. In addition, during this event, Anna Nunes will led the workshop Recapture of Paradise, about human connection.

In both her workshop as well as her paintings, indigenous people are the central theme. For Anna it is essential to capture a part of humanity that is on the verge of disappearing. Therefore Anna Nunes aims to create a visual ode to the majesty and fragility of these communities and show our western society the important lessons these people may have for us all.

For more info check the website http://www.museumnachtdenhaag.nl or contact Museumnacht Den Haag via info@museumnachtdenhaag.nl

Gallery Anita Ammerlaan

September 28, 2019 until December 28, 2019.

Open from 12:00 to 17:00 from Friday to Sunday or by appointment via info@anitaammerlaan.com

Address: Galerie Anita Ammerlaan, Markt 39, Roosendaal(nb), The Netherlands.


September, 2019 – Current.

Artifac is open from Monday till Saturday between 10:00 and 17:00 hour.

Address: Artifac, Noordwal 17, 2513 EB, The Hague, The Netherlands

t: 070 – 346 18 00

Gallery Koenders

April 1, 2019 until June 3, 2019.

Address: Koenders Makelaardij, 2nd Schuytstraat 164, 2517 XK, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Shore

August 28, 2018 until October 30, 2018.

.Address: Strand Noord 2a, 2586 ZZ, 2586, the Hague, The Netherlands.

Impulse Wageningen UR

June 14, 2018 until August 23, 2018 .

IAddress: Impulse Wageningen UR, building 115 Stippeneng 2, 6708 WE Wageningen, The Netherlands.