Here you can find all information about planned, current and past exhibitions.

For exhibitions, talks and workshop requests or inquiries please send an email to info@nunesart.com

Exhibition & Artist talk @ Africa Day

2020 | 4 of April | Exhibition & Artist talk at Afreak, Africa Day , Desmet Studio’s, Amsterdam

For tickets or more information, visit the website of Africa Day 2020: http://www.afrikadag.nl


2019 | September – Current | Drawings, Artifac, The Hague, The Netherlands

Exhibition & Talk @ Working Healthy Together

2019 | October | Exhibition & Talk, Gezond Samen Werken, De Lijn1 Parade, Rijswijk

Exhibition and personal talk about human connection during the event De Lijn 1 Parade – Working Healthy Together- at the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk. During the talk, I shared a deep insight from my journeys with the indigenous communities of the Boé region, a very remote and isolated area of Guinea-Bissau (West-Africa).

For more information, visit the website of De Lijn 1 Haaglanden: www.lijn1haaglanden.nl/event/de-lijn1-parade-gezond-samen-werken

Exhibition & Workshop @ Museum Night

2019 | Oktober | Anniversary edition of Museumnight, The Hague, the Netherlands

During Museum night, my creations were exposed at one of the participating locations in the Hague. In addition, during this event, I led the workshop Recapture of Paradise about human connection. In both my paintings as well as in my talks, indigenous people were the central theme.

Exhibition Recapture of Paradise

2019 | September – December | Recapture of Paradise, Roosendaal, The Netherlands

Gallery Koenders

2019 | April – June | Gallery Koenders, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Shore

2018 | August – October | The Shore, Scheveningen, The Netherlands


2018 | June – August | Impulse Wageningen UR, Wageningen, The Netherlands.