Anna Nunes (1993), born and raised along the coast of Portugal, did her studies in the field of Nature Conservation in the Netherlands. In 2017, she travelled to the Boé region, an extremely isolated and poor region in the South-East of Guinea-Bissau (West-Africa). In this area she conducted over a long period a study related to the preservation of forested habitats, including the sacred forests belonging to the indigenous communities. This to safeguard native people, their traditions and cultures, as well as the Boé’s biodiversity.

Anna was impressed by the willingness and ability of these communities to share their feelings, culture, love, and traditions with her. In addition, she was inspired by the beauty of how they live. Compared to our western society, they are impressively connected to each other and their natural surroundings.

After returning from her travel in Guinea-Bissau, Anna decided to follow her dream and to raise awareness about the world’s indigenous communities. By portraying the local people she has met, Anna hopes to give them the visibility they deserve. In addition, the portraits illustrate the strength, resilience and kindness of these communities and show the immense respect Anna has for their culture, knowledge and wisdom.

Currently, in her paintings particular attention goes out to the woman of the Boé region.  Beautiful dignified woman and young girls with an enormous capacity of resilience. The idea behind each portrait is to create an intimate and honest portrayal of the individual person and to show their open and warm personalities, their love and sensitivity as well as their vulnerabilities.

Anna believes these characteristics provide lessons for us all. It may teach us to value what we have, our differences and sensitivities. But also, remind us our collective responsibility to the protect the environment we all rely on.