Anna Nunes

Portraying the fundamental goodness of humankind

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Thank you so much for your interest in my fine art collection. Each artwork is delivered with a certificate of authentication. The price ranges from €950 to 5200, depending on the medium, size and materials. The works that are not included in a private collection are still for sale. In order to look up detailed information about your interest, please click below and fill out the form or send an email to


Due to my degree in Biology and my family’s background in international development aid, I have travelled several times to different areas and communities in the world in particular the African continent. My last journey was related to a research project on the conservation of the West African chimpanzee in the Boé region, one of the most isolated and remote areas of West Africa. I loved living and working among different communities and have become incredibly inspired by the way these people live and interact with each other. These people play a crucial role in my attitude and imagination as an artist.

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